Located in the heart of Washington, D.C., USIBID is a leading provider of business training and development programs. Our mission is to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today's global business landscape. Our programs are designed to give individuals the tools to turn their business aspirations into realities. With a focus on practical, hands-on learning and real-world case studies, USIBID is a trusted resource for thousands of professionals around the world. At USIBID, we believe in the power of education to drive personal and professional growth. As world leaders in business training and development, our goal is to empower professionals with access to high-quality educational opportunities.


Empowering Professionals with Real-World Experience, not old book concepts

At US Institute of Business and International Development (USIBID), we offer high-quality training and development services in business, finance, and international development with a unique blend of theoretical and practical training programs, focusing on hands-on learning and real-world case studies. Our experienced trainers and industry experts bring practical knowledge and real-world experience, and our partnerships with leading organizations in the business and development sectors provide practical training opportunities and exposure to industry professionals, setting us apart from the competition.

By partnering with USIBID, you will not only support the growth and success of businesses and individuals but also see financial gains through our revenue streams of course fees, corporate training programs, and partnerships with local organizations. Our strong reputation and partnerships with leading organizations provide growth opportunities and allow us to expand into new markets in the region, increasing our reach and bringing in additional revenue.

The Impact Of USIBID

Having a training institute that offers a unique blend of theoretical and practical training with the reputation of USIBID and a focus on hands-on learning and real-world case studies will have numerous benefits for each entrepreneur.

Skill and Knowledge Enhancement: By offering professional development opportunities, the institute helps professionals, entrepreneurs, and organizations  to enhance their skills and knowledge in various areas. This increases competitiveness in the marketplace and lead to more successful businesses.

Real-World Experience: The institute is staffed by experienced trainers and industry experts who will bring practical knowledge and real-world experience to the training programs. This means that participants will not only learn the theories, but also how they can be applied in real-world situations, making the training more impactful and relevant.

Partnerships with Leading Organizations: The institute partners with leading organizations in the business and development sectors to provide practical training opportunities and exposure to industry professionals. This will not only benefit the individuals taking the courses, but it will also help build stronger connections between businesses and organizations in the region.

Revenue Generation: By generating revenue through course fees, corporate training programs, and partnerships with local organizations, the institute contributes to the economy's growth and creates job opportunities in the education and training sector.

Improved Entrepreneurship: By providing professional development opportunities and exposure to industry professionals, the institute helps improve entrepreneurship in the world. This will result in more successful startups, increased worldwide innovation and economic growth.

Overall, our training institute offers a unique blend of theoretical and practical training with a focus on hands-on learning and real-world case studies that will positively impact the development of the world's professional and business sectors.

The Founder

Manuel Oancia

Manuel has been a strategic adviser for more than 20 years to respected entrepreneurs, influential people and Top Forbes companies like Motorola, Ford, GM, and General Electric. 

He is recognized for his outstanding leadership and experience in international business strategies while serving as President of the largest network of chambers of commerce, the International Union of Bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Industry. 

Manuel engaged in dialogue and collaborated with President Obama, and President Trump's Administration, and high-level foreign diplomats, working on strengthening the relationships among diplomatic, government, and corporate leaders. 


Most Popular Programs

  • Team Building in Digital Era - Strategies and challenges to work from the home and hybrid working environment 
  • Leadership and How to Become a Leader In Digital Era
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Workplace
  • Building a Business Mindset
  • Employee vs Entrepreneur: Navigate the Path of Success
  • Believe In Yourself -Create an "I Can DO" Attitude
  • Business Etiquette
  • Emotional Inteligence
  • Become a Business Consultant

Digital Economy

  • Blockchain Technology
  • Ethics and Governance in AI
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Digital Transformation in Business and Society

Business Development & Future Economy

  • Business Consulting
  • Lean Startup Methodology
  • Customer Development and Market Research
  • Financial Planning and Management for Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Marketing and E-Commerce
  • Design Thinking and Innovation for Entrepreneurs
  • Agile Project Management
  • Scaling and Growth Strategies
  • Fundraising and Investment 
  • Sales and Negotiation on Real-Estate

Sustainable Business

  • Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Sustainable Marketing and Communication 
  • Impact Investing 
  • Clean Energy and Climate Change

Commercial Diplomacy

  • Sustainable Business Diplomacy
  • Bilateral trade & diplomacy
  • Digital Trade
  • Political Tradecraft & Diplomatic Advocacy
  • Fintech and Financial Inclusion

Diplomatic Protocol

  • Global Diplomatic Protocols
  • Intercultural etiquette
  • Business Etiquette
  • SDG Diplomacy
  • Global Governance